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What services we provide:


Fun Games

We educate our students with care and make sure they are entertained so that they have fun while learning


Group sessions

Learning is most fun with friends. Meet new people while you learn and gain connections!


Professional Teachers

All of our teachers have gone through a rigorous training processes and are fully equipped to teach their subjects


In person and virtual

We keep our classes flexible. Learn from the comfort of your own home or in a class!

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How do we teach your child?

We try to incorporate project-based learning. Which means that your child will have hands-on experience solving programming problems and developing programs.


Scratch Jr is an introductory programming language that encourages creativity and expression, enabling five- to seven-year-old children to create their own interactive projects through coding. It provide young children with opportunities to design, create, and express themselves. Using Scratch Jr, children can use the programming blocks to bring their characters to life.
  • Students will learn the basics of using ScratchJr, and make a dance party!
  • Students will create four small activities together, and then put all together to make a final animation.
  • Students will make their own stories by adding dialogue and new scenes to the animations. To make these stories come to life and play out like a movie!
  • Students will learn how to make games. To make four different small games, and then use everything together to make one big game at the end.
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Extending from Google’s CS First themed curriculum, we introduce grades 2-5 students (7 years-old and up) to coding principles, all in project-based activities. Kids will systematically learn to program in Scratch, meanwhile explore storytelling techniques, build fun games and craft interesting presentations. The projects will showcase their creativity with the aid of coding and digital designs.
  • Students use code to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging students to tell a unique story each day.
  • Students use computer science to simulate extreme sports, make their own commercials, and create commentary for a sporting event.
  • Students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, and launching.
  • Design and create your own Storytelling, Sports, and Game projects.
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Have you ever wondered how Alexa could always find an answer to your whimsical questions? We have and we figured that out, in Scratch. Using the proprietary AI platform built by, we introduce grades 4-8 students to the concept of machine learning and its applications in real life. Learning with 10 projects from different AI focuses all implemented in Scratch, the kids will explore the meanings of artificial intelligence in our daily life and the engineering principles behind these AI-based applications.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Image Recognition & SpongeBob and Friends
  • Facial Recognition & Facelock
  • Brainstorming Ideas + Workshop
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An introductory course for those interested in learning Python, programming, and how to use programming in various mathematical and scientific tasks. Students will install Python 3.8, learn the basics of Python programming, and apply the basics to various tasks. And then gradually expand to computational thinking skills behind software application design.
  • Introductory Topics
  • Conditionals & Program Flows
  • Lists & More Program Flows
  • Turtles
  • Object-Oriented Programming
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This course is still being developed. Stay tuned!


An in-depth course detailing everything related to java, from basic concepts of how a computer functions to advanced concepts that appear on the AP exams. This course blends rigor with fun as students participate in hands-on projects and labs to better understand the language of java and take the step into more advanced coding.
  • How a Computer Works
  • Binary, hexadecimal, and ASCII
  • Threads, Runnables and Concurrency
  • Advanced ArrayLists and list
  • Lambda Functions and new java additions
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Want to join our team?

We are always looking for more people to help out and join our team. We are also looking for students who would like to start their own coding club in their school. Contact us at for more information

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